"Who looks forward to an oil change?  I do!  The friendly folks at Marathon Automotive are courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled.  Thank you Marathon Automotive for 20 years of quality service and expertise!  You have my vote of confidence and trust."                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                Gail Robinson

"I can always count on Marathon Automotive to deliver thoughtful, quality service and a good price.  I have been going there for decades and they are great to work with."

James D. and Christina MacInnes

"The three words which best describe Marathon Automotive—fair, prompt, and courteous.  Marathon Automotive has earned my trust."

Mark Thelen

"The folks at Marathon Automotive make me feel they care as much for my well being as they do for my cars."

Sara Booth

"I’ve been using Marathon Automotive services since 1994.  If I had to sum up my relationship with them I would say, “I can trust them.”  As a single woman I had always approached automotive service with great suspicion.  My attitude has changed immensely.  If the guys tell me something needs repair, I know they are looking out for my best interests.  I‘ve even called from other states to ask for their advice!"

Keli MacIntosh

"There are few places I trust to care for my vehicle and Marathon is one.  They do what needs to be done, never take advantage of a female, and do the work in good time and with quality work.  Always honest, helping, courteous and they go above and beyond the basic to please.  Thanks Marathon for taking good care of my baby."

Keeta Beaubien

"There are so many good things to say:  I have brought all three of my vehicles to Marathon since moving here four years ago. They always accommodate my busy schedule.  Their projections are on time and their level of effort is consistent.  When it’s something unexpected, they always explain the options.  Sometimes they have convinced me that I didn’t need to do maintenance that I suggested (like tires).  Their staffing is consistent, they know my vehicles like they know me.  Their waiting room is great—good coffee, Wi-Fi.  I get work done or discuss tires, car questions, etc with the service manager while you wait.  Best car place I’ve ever been to—bar none."

Ralph Dollhopf

"I have been a Marathon Automotive customer since the late eighties.  I find the staff courteous, honest, and knowledgeable.  I have and would recommend their services to everyone."

Marilyn Domine

"As a single woman commuter, my car was essential to my life.  I had to be able to depend on it running well and not costing a fortune.  The Marathon people have never let me down.  They know me by name, are courteous, clean, competent, honest, and knowledgeable.  They do not waste my time, do not try to “add on” repairs, but do handle all of my service and repairs.  Thanks Marathon.  I highly recommend your work."

Debbie Johnson

"A great team of professionals to work with.  They really care that you are satisfied with their service."

Norman Worm

"My car is always ready when promised, and many times the cost is below the manufacturer’s service, and with very reliable parts being used.  Appointments are made with the customer in mind even when there may be an emergency."

Reverend Eugene and Philis Baughan

"Marathon Automotive is simply the best!  We’ve been customers since 1992 and have come to trust the Marathon implicitly when it comes to the care and maintenance of our vehicles.  They’re trusted consultants- we know we can count on them to give us the best advice, at a fair price.  Marathon always stands behind their work and delivers the best customer service in the area."

Barb and Bob Heflin

"Being a part of the growing number of women on our own, I often found that auto dealerships and auto repair companies take advantage of our lack of knowledge of cars and how they work.  More often than not, we are considered the “typical dumb blonde” when it comes to asking about repairs or receiving quotes about work that needs to be done.  I have never once felt that way at Marathon Automotive.  Everyone I have dealt with there has been very considerate with answers to my questions and explanation of quotes for work on my Toyota Camry.  I have recommended Marathon many times to friends and family and will continue to do so because they have always treated me so well there.  Thank you for your kindness consideration and quality work."

Betty Plough

"While having a cup of your fine coffee, and waiting my turn in line, I observed that almost all of the customers bringing in their cars were all known by their first names.  So I asked how long they had been coming to Marathon for service and they said for years.  People don’t go where they get bad service.  This convinced me that your shop is where I should be and I’ve been coming to your shop for service ever since. It’s nice to be able to trust who you are dealing with."

Bruce Dickinson

"Marathon has taken  car care to new heights, with friendly, knowledgeable and sincere people who know their business and take great pride in doing excellent work.  They have a clean waiting room with great coffee.  I look forward to taking my car in."

Chris Tassone

"As a thirty year veteran in the Human Resources field, I find myself critiquing other businesses’ service levels as I would my own team.  I have a fabulous team of my own so you can imagine what it takes to “WOW” me.  I have to tell you that after more than ten years as a customer of Marathon Automotive, I am still impressed.  Like my business, Marathon Automotive provides many of the same products as their competitors.  What makes the difference in Marathon Automotive’s success is their willingness to do it right.  They’ll stick with you until it is right, and their degree of excellent customer service rates them far above any other automotive service company I have had experience with.  My best wishes for your continued success."

Christine Drinkwine

"When I hire a lawyer, a plumber, a banker, a doctor, or the person who cares for my car, all I want is an honest expert who will give me timely service.  Everything else falls into place.  That’s Marathon!"

Fred Muller

"We have always been able to count on Marathon Automotive for fast, efficient and complete service and repairs on our cars and trucks.  Our history with Marathon dates back to their early years at Four Mile and Munson and spans many vehicles from Subarus to GM products to Volkswagens and Toyotas.  When we make an appointment with Marathon Automotive, we feel confident that the requested work will be done in a professional and timely manner at a fair price."

Denny and Judy Hoxsie

"Marathon Automotive has been an honest and trustworthy business. We have taken our vehicles to them since day one, and it has been a great experience.  They have always looked out for our best interest in price and quality.  Thank you for all your hard work and loyalty."

Andrew and Alicia Romzek

"Outstanding service and excellent work quality, but the most important…professional staff that gives 150% to help me with my auto problems.  On a scale of 1-10, Marathon is a 20."

Rock Wilson

"I can buy a car anywhere…but I only trust Marathon for my repairs and Maintenance."

Jacqueline D. Wilson

"When I moved to Traverse City, Michigan in 2002 I called several service stations inquiring about tires and other service for my car.  Marathon Automotive got my attention immediately and has held my trust ever since.  I have been advised correctly numerous times on less expensive, more effective parts, services, tires, and maintenance suggestions by their extremely courteous and knowledgeable staff.  Marathon Automotive is truly interested in honest and friendly customer service and takes care of the customer’s car just as they would their own. Thank you."

Laura Staubes

"It was nine years, I believe, that I became a customer of Marathon Automotive and I’ve never been dissatisfied.  The jobs are always done right the first time and the cost is competitive.  Why look anywhere else?"

Chris Mericle

"We’ve done business with Marathon Automotive for about as long as they’ve been in existence-it seems like at least 20 years.  We have always been pleased with their service, dedication to quality, and friendship.  Things are done right at Marathon, which is evident not only when you pick up your vehicle, but in the fact that staff stay on board for a very long time.  We have referred many new customers over the years and have received a lot of feedback over their satisfaction with the service they received.  Clearly, Marathon Automotive is far above average in the way they conduct business."

Michael Spry

"I have been exceptionally pleased with my connection to Marathon Automotive for nearly twenty years.  I have relied on them for all of my service work for two vehicles.  They keep an extensive record of what has been done and when.  I was not happy with my previous experiences with the local authorized dealer.  I feel like I have a close relationship with everyone there."

Eugene Briggs

"Quality work.  Excellent people.  Integrity of performance. Definitely recognized by us as 'the extra mile' vehicle care place."

Wanda F. Wilson

"Great experience with your services!  Prompt help provided during car repairs!  Your employees are well-trained, polite, helpful, resourceful, fast, and honest.  They must be treated well because they have been there since we came to town a little over eight years ago.  Rides to and from work were life saving!  Work was very good quality! Parts too!"

"Paperwork was legible and detailed! Space was very clean, I could wait and work! I could pay via phone!  I recommend you to all my people!"

Melpo Kavadella

"I have been going to Marathon Automotive for 25 years.  No one else works on my car!  Even if I’m out of town I’ll have my car towed before I’ll risk using any other mechanic.  They are geniuses, hard workers, and customer-oriented professionals!"

Marie Walker

"We have been satisfied customers with Marathon Automotive since 2003.  Their excellent service begins with Erinn in the front lobby to the knowledge and expertise of Robert and the mechanics and lastly the convenience of the shuttle driver Dave.  It is always a pleasure to deal with a company who is up front and forthright. Thank You."

Roy and Sharon Brumbill

"I give Marathon Automotive my highest recommendation.  The entire staff is professional, kind, and intelligent.  The waiting area deserves extra credit for its special touches like delicious shade grown fair trade coffee, Wi-Fi access, great magazines and a comfortable welcoming area rug underfoot that makes you feel really settled in while you wait (never long).  The entire place is clean and the service provided is thorough and fairly priced.  Thanks Marathon Automotive for taking such great care of me and my cars during the last eight years."

Fern Spence

"Dave, Erinn, Robert keep me coming back to Marathon Automotive, because they are so courteous, sharp, knowledgeable, and astute.  But you know what the final straw was or what keeps bringing me back?  Two times this has happened to me—two different customers of yours have said in front of me “You know, I take my Honda to Marathon Automotive and I wouldn’t take it anywhere else!”  They didn’t even know I was a Marathon Automotive customer and that I owned a Honda!  That cemented it for me."

Charlotte Case

"Always ready to help you out in an emergency- like replacing my windshield wipers on a very rainy day.  Great staff always willing to help you.  Thank you for your great service."

Madeline Manby

"As a sales professional, I live in my car-about 36,000 mile a year.  I need it to run well and safely.  I trust Marathon Automotive to keep it running that way.  Marathon is the best I have found in my 25 years of care ownership.  I absolutely love the staff at Marathon."

Tobey Lewallen

"I have been extremely pleased with their service.  Everyone in the shop is very knowledgeable, competent, fair and helpful.  They do the toughest jobs when necessary; they remind you when scheduled maintenance is due, they save you money when possible, and they’ve even surprised me by fixing things for free when it’s a simpler problem than may have been imagined.  They’re friendly and helpful with advice about maintenance that may-or may not-be needed.  In my 50+ years of driving, I’ve never kept a car for more than four years until now.  And thanks to the excellent service we get from Marathon, our two cars are still humming along like new."

Joe Stearns

"Marathon Automotive is the best kept secret in town!  Sometimes simple words say it best.  Thank you for the great service, the friendly smiles, and knowing that we can trust you to keep us driving safely!"

Eric and Pierrette Palmquist

"The guys at Traverse City’s Marathon Automotive treat me as if I were their mother-or their grandmother.  That’s how I feel about them.  Their advice and service have always turned out to be the best, and I’m sure I’ve saved lots of trouble and $ too by sticking with them."

Mrs. William Chatfield

"Marathon Automotive is the first auto repair company that I feel confident in taking both my daily use car and my vintage van for repairs. More importantly, I feel confident in referring friends and family to Marathon as well.  The staff is friendly, efficient, and most importantly-honest."

Sonia Dygert

"Consistent Great Service! Honesty, integrity, done right the first time."

John and Angie Willis

"Things that make me come back to Marathon Automotive:

The people-at the desk, the ones who greet you and the ones in the garage.

The coffee-hot, good, and if it’s empty they’ll make a new pot!

The waiting room-comfortable, clean, magazines for women and men.

The bathrooms-one word…CLEAN!

The attitude-I am always treated with respect and understanding.

Marathon Automotive has earned my trust and that’s a BIG DEAL!"

Vicki Wade

"As a woman, I really appreciate the way I am treated with respect when I bring in my vehicles.  From Erinn to the automotive technicians to Dave (who usually drives me to work) everyone is friendly and calls me by name.  I feel I can trust Marathon to fix my vehicle and answer all my questions and not try to tell me I need a lot of extra things done.  They will let me know that certain things need to be watched but there is never heavy pressure to have it done right away unless it is absolutely necessary.  I wouldn’t even think of taking my vehicles anywhere else."

Lainey Holmes

"Dave and the team at Marathon Automotive are always courteous and right up front with any potential parts and service your vehicle may need.  You can count on them for their honest opinion when it comes to repair work."

Roger and Karen Widing

"I’m compelled to say “anytime I have been in for service I have appreciated the respect and friendly atmosphere I feel.”  I am confident that work done on my vehicle is done with care and excellence.  I am a widow and I share the trust my husband always placed in Marathon Automotive."

Doris J. Norton

"As a healthcare provider, my job is to keep bodies healthy and running smoothly in all conditions.  Over the last 25 years I have trusted Marathon Auto to treat my car like I treat my people, and they have not disappointed me.  Together we have shared the joys and heartbreaks of four Subaru’s from their infancy all the way to the car grave yard.  Today I am awarding them an honorary “car healthcare degree” for their excellent, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest care for cars and their owner.  Thanks Marathon, here is hoping we both will be around for at least a few more Subaru’s life span!"

Jan Frazee

"The staff is courteous, professional, and knowledgeable; the facility- clean and modern; and the service- prompt and thorough.  I have been a loyal customer for nearly three years now, and am still impressed with Marathon Automotive’s operation."

Joe McGurn

"Marathon Automotive is the only automotive service center that I would ever let work on my car…only sell me what I need at a fair price and all work is done with great efficiency, and accommodated by a very friendly staff."

Sue Hamady

"I have been using Marathon Automotive for all my car (Subaru) servicing needs for the past 25 years.  I always find the staff to be very accommodating when scheduling appointments, especially in emergencies.  They are very knowledgeable, certified, and take the time to explain what repairs need to be done, what costs are involved, and they “stand behind their work”.  Over the years I have recommended Marathon Automotive to all my family and friends for their auto servicing needs."

Pat Buron

"My wife and I have been bringing our vehicles to Marathon Automotive for about twenty years because it has always operated on the following principles:

  • Integrity
  • Treat the customers with respect
  • Provide the highest quality service at a fair price"

Joe Heiler

"It is always a pleasure to do business with Marathon Automotive.  A customer can rely on top-quality work in a thoroughly professional environment.  However, that’s not the best part.  A customer can have complete confidence that estimates will be given with complete honesty and integrity.  When service is performed, it will be done by highly trained technicians- and what is promised will be delivered.  Finally, a friendly, welcoming staff that know and appreciate their customers and a pleasant, immaculate facility complete the 'package'."

Eb and Mary Frixen

"Done correctly, Done economically, Done on time."

Dave Warren

"My wife and I both use Marathon.  We have always been impressed with the sincerity of the staff, quality of service and feeling part of the Marathon family.  Marathon sees the value of us, the customer, and we see the value of their service."

Chip Petty

"If you are looking for an automotive service center that is locally owned and operated by people that excel at service, accurate estimates, and timely completion dates, stop in at Marathon Automotive.  When we moved to Traverse City, some 24 years ago, this was the advice we received from our neighbors.  After all this time, we are still dealing with Ross, Ron, and the crew who actually provide the level of quality and satisfaction others talk about."

Ed and Carole Trahan

"We always know at Marathon things will be done right and if something should be done it is so.  And if something doesn’t need to be done Marathon will say so."

Harry Janis

"I am a long-time customer because of friendliness, trust, and good work."

Dan Tholen

"I highly recommend Marathon Automotive for the following reasons:

Friendly and courteous service

Scheduled repairs completed on time

Quality results

Fair and competitive pricing

Dependable shuttle service

Clean waiting area

Very good fresh coffee

Satisfied and a repeat customer,"

Ted Fistler

"The staff at Marathon Automotive have the “attention to detail” that allows my family to travel with the confidence that they will arrive at their destination."

Bill White

"All the vehicles I have owned since 1988 have been serviced by Marathon Automotive.  They are excellent at diagnosing the problem and fixing it quickly.  They charge fairly and will do the extra things that make it convenient for you. I consider the staff my friends, even though I may not see them as often, because they keep my car running so well.  Most importantly I trust their opinions and my car care to them, which is a very important thing.  I depend on my car every day."

Larry Fatt

"It has been my pleasure to have worked with everyone at Marathon Automotive over the years.  I have enjoyed your honesty and integrity and feel that you always show a sincere concern for the care of your customers.  Also important for me to note is that it speaks volumes to me when you visit a business and recognize a staff that has been there for many years.  That tells me a lot about the owner as well.  I have trusted all of you with the care of our boys as they grew into the age of car ownership, and I recommend you to others with any chance I get."

Kathy Jabara

"Knowing that everyone at Marathon is taking care of both our vehicles (and our daughters’s vehicles [sic]) gives peace of mind that will always make it home safely on the snowiest of nights and the hottest of summer days.  We can count on our Honda and Jeep to be reliable because the crew at Marathon is proactive and alerts us to potential problems before they happen.  When we need help they are responsive and helpful, and, did I mention professional?  We love Marathon because they don’t just know cars; they know how to run a top-quality business with exceptional customer service.  Thanks Marathon."

Leslie and Russ Knopp

"Marathon Automotive is my favorite place to go for my auto maintenance and repairs.  They are honest, friendly, and very accommodating.  If I have a short repair, I like the fact that they provide high-speed internet access that I can use while I wait, at no charge.  I like their commitment to use the highest quality and most eco-friendly parts.  I admire that they provide fair-trade coffee from local distributors, for their customers, for free.  They have a great shuttle service when needed and even brought my car to the airport for me to pick up after my trip, so it could be serviced while I was away."

Lisa Danto

"With equally excellent people skills and automotive skills, the folks at Marathon Automotive provide the best car maintenance ever - anywhere!  They’re the Click and Clack of the Grand Traverse Region."

Amy Tyler

"Everyone is always so helpful at Marathon Automotive.  Dave has given me many tips when purchasing a travel trailer, or new car, beyond what is expected.  I have used Marathon for ten years for all of my auto repair service; 30,000 mile checkups, new tires, battery, etc.  They always make time to check out a problem to make sure my car is safe to drive especially since I travel alone on long trips.  They know my driving habits and what I need so they can make the best recommendations for me."

Sara Cockrell

"I have been working with the staff at Marathon for over 15 years.  On occasion I have tried other companies for car service, but always return to Marathon because of the courtesy of the staff as well as their knowledge of vehicles.  Erinn, David, and Robert have always been welcoming at the front desk, clarifying work to be done and following up. I always feel comfortable and not rushed- yet repair has been done in timely fashion.  I plan on continuing with Marathon-although it does not happen often due to the fact that the vehicle service is always thorough.  Thanks so much."

Donna Valdmanis